Who will vanquish ?

Agincourt, one morning of 1415, English and French are face to face,
waiting for a tragic battle that will remain in all memories for centuries...

Fortified castle or domestic dwelling ?

The keep of Bours was built in the 14th Century
by the Lords of Bours, but for what purpose ?

Prestigious city or peaceful village ?

Vieil-Hesdin is not other than the old city of Hesdin, once so radiant and so coveted,
who was definitely destroyed out of anger by Charles-Quint...

Farm buildings or witness of the past ?

The Commandery of Bois Saint-Jean was founded
by the Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem in the 12th Century...

The actual Pays des 7 Vallées and the Ternois have known, at the Medieval Ages, a rich and tormented History !

Once south end of the County of Artois, this area had strongholds, had been the favorite Kings of Europes' destination and the theatre of numerous wars and conflicts that opposed the Dukes of Burgundy, the Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of France !

Through 4 medieval historical sites, we invite you to dive into this exciting period of History when the territory wasn't yet French and to discover how people lived at those times :

  • Coat of arms of Agincourt

    The battle field of Agincourt

    And its Historic Center.

  • Coat of arms of Viel-Hesdin

    Town of Vieil Hesdin

    It's vestiges and ruins of the Hundred Years War and it's Historic enclosure.

  • Coat of arms of Bours

    The Tower-house of Bours

    Unique heritage of knight's castle life.

  • Coat of arms of Wamin

    The Commandery of Bois Saint-Jean

    Testimony of the presence of the Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem.